8th Don Harradine Memorial Trophy, Kaiserwinkl Golf Club Kössen (Austria)
18 Sep 07

Austria  and the Kaiserwinkl Golf Course is definitely worth a trip. A total of a 130 participants attended this year’s trophy.


Despite the rain, the greenkeeping team headed by Seun Hannes together with the tournament organizers tried everything to hold the competition but eventually and reluctantly had to cancel the event.


All the players were however, very sportsmanlike and showed great character.  Only a few of them took the road back home. The right ambience and atmosphere at the gala dinner was therefore guaranteed especially as a few players frequently saw the bottom of their wine glasses during the long day that preceded the evening event.


An Excellent service from the kitchen and wine cellar was provided by the “Hotel Schick” team.


That evening proved that the Don Harradine trophy is not “just” a golf tournament.The friendly bond of the participants, the joy to see one another again and the fact that people took time off despite to-day’s stressful and hectic times was very gratifying!


The manager and co-proprietor of the Kössen Golf Course, Stefan Emberger gave a speech about the establishment of the club. He also talked about the recognizable style of Don Harradine’s Courses. He did not miss the opportunity to invite the players and guests to come again and play the tournament next time it is played in Austria.


President Zopf Heinrich also praised the player’s sportsmanship and took the opportunity to say goodbye to the Don Harradine memorial trophy and the people who helped him organize the event. A small gift was presented to him as a token of appreciation when he declared that he was stepping down as president of the AGA after 12 years of service.


Hubert Kleiner (GVD), Ruedi Eberle (SGA), Gorazd Nastran (Slovakia), Peter Harradine and Dean Cleaver (FEGGA) managed to find genuine and sometimes touching words regarding the close collaboration with Heinrich during the last years.


Marco Schmied invited everyone to the 9th trophy in Switzerland which will be held at the Golf Club Bad Ragaz on the 23rd & 24th of September 2008. Johannes Vogt is responsible for the organization of that tournament.


A particular thank - you goes to the sponsors. It would not be possible to hold the tournament in such a manner without the help and support of the main and co-sponsors.


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