Harradine Cup At Al Hamra Golf Course - Ras Al Khaimah
03 Nov 07

75 golfers played on the first nine holes of the Al Hamra Golf Course designed by Peter Harradine and located in the UAE's most northernly emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. The first "Harradine Trophy" was played according to the ‘Bogey’ format.


Golfers teed off from 07:30 until 12:15 in the finest golfing weather of the new season over – over cast skies, still conditions and the occasional light rainfall put a refreshing change to the normal sweltering temperatures.


Bogey format like all forms of golf is the golfer versus the course – a net par on a hole results in a ½ a net bogey or worse you could be down to the course whereas with a net birdie you are one up to the course – judging by the results the Al Hamra layout got the better of most golfers - Not however, the prize winners.


Golfers were divided into two equal handicap divisions (0-17 and 18-36) but it was one of Peter Harradine's own design associates who stole the show. Six handicapper Anthony Hodgson returned a very respectable net score to finish 3 up on the course and take the overall title whilst Yoyeb Mohamed won Division 2 by finishing 2 up on the course. Angelo Kondes, A.E. Ravi, Yevgenia Scott and Mark Clifton took other prizes in their respective divisions.

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