Ongoing Projects
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Harradine Golf are presently involved with 14 projects in 10 countries. Get the most recent status of ongoing projects and highlights browsing through the project links below.
Updated on 22/09/2022
Austria Oman Tunisia
1. Golf Club Seefeld

6. Golf Club Jebel Sifah

13. Tunis Sports City

France Pakistan United Arab Emirates

2. Golf Club de Nîmes Campagne

7. Capital Smart City Golf Club

14. Al Hamra Golf Course

Germany Qatar  

3. Golf Club Schloss Klinkenburg

8. Doha Golf Club

9. Golf Gewan Island


Italy Switzerland  

4. Golf Club Casalotto

5. Salamandra Golf Club

10. Golf Club Bad Ragaz

11. Golf Club Schönenberg

12. Golf Gerre Losone


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